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Assessment & Analysis

Print providers today are not only expected to have web-enabled strategy, but also competitive pricing and print-on-demand capabilities with spot-on color management and quick turnarounds. Meeting these criteria calls for an assessment of the business and long-term vision.

Assessment and Analysis Services are designed to help you gain insights into your customers’ operation, keep up with changing technology, drive growth, reduce costs and maximize profitability. Each project results in the design and implementation of a customized solution that catalyzes positive change and heightens competitiveness.

Service Offerings Include:

  • Color GAP Analysis
  • GAP Analysis
  • MIS Assessment
  • Print and Mail Operational Assessment
  • Web & Marketing Asset Management Strategy Assessment

Business Analytics

Ricoh’s Business Analytics tools create easy-to-understand visualizations of your customers’ data in reports that give real insight — and empower your customers to turn knowledge into effective action.

These services and solutions eliminate expensive guesswork and waste by identifying areas where training is needed, optimizing device utilization and increasing uptime. Using a vendor-neutral approach, Ricoh can help unify equipment across your shop and wield the power of your data from any digital device.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)

Ricoh offers a full suite of services and resources, including backup sites to complete your customers’ disaster recovery plan and ensure their staff can keep working. Whether it’s printing, mailing and emailing checks, statements, invoices, notices or memos, our customers rely on our proven network in unforeseen circumstances.

In line with the strictest control standards and industry best practices, our BC/DR services give our customers peace of mind and, more importantly, the confidence of knowing their business will stay strong in the event of a disruption.

Business Development

Ricoh Business Development professional services are aimed squarely at upgrading your customers’ existing operations. For in-plant, commercial print and mail operations, these professional services draw up and execute business optimization strategies and solutions.

Achieve operational excellence in the areas of production procedures and operations, staffing, equipment, administration and workflow.

Service Offerings Include:

  • Omnichannel Distribution
  • Composition Services (Professional Services and Hosting Services)
  • Printer and Inserter Optimization
  • Postal Optimization
  • Schedule and Site Optimization
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Sales Team Education and Training
  • Staff Augmentation

Campaign Services

Ricoh’s campaign services are designed to onboard you seamlessly into this lucrative market, so that you can start offering higher-value services to your customers. The successful results we achieve for clients draw on the combined power of our marketing campaign software and a holistic approach to campaign creation, execution and training by the Ricoh Workflow Automation Team. Our specialists can work with you to promote your own services, increase sales and drive customer engagement, as well as to collect and analyze real-time data

Service Offerings Include:

  • Cross Media Campaign Services

Fiery Backup Services

Ricoh helps print service providers return to normal operations quickly in the event of a system failure. Whether from human error, a power outage that has damaged the Fiery file system, or other technology failures, downtime can have huge repercussions for a print service provider, slowing jobs to completion and costing them lost business. Without data backups and a process for restoring the Fiery quickly, print providers are at risk of losing productivity, workflows, and clients.

With Fiery Backup Services, a certified Ricoh Professional Services engineer will come on-site to set up the first cloning and provide training. The engineer will provide a straightforward process to follow to administer recurring backups. In the event of a system malfunction, you will be able to recover files quickly and restore the printer to production.

Ricoh Marketing Services

Ricoh Marketing Services provides a full suite of marketing services to quickly and efficiently execute campaigns and projects — plus technology solutions that deliver continuous innovation, effective marketing programs and critical business results. Whether you are trying to target new audiences, communicate with customers more effectively or deepen interest in your business, Ricoh Marketing Services can help you unleash your company's full marketing potential. Every engagement is specifically tailored for you including communications across multiple touchpoints, graphic design, digital experience and access to periodic reporting/analytics.

Ricoh Marketing Services is designed to give today’s savvy marketers and brand managers what they need to deliver their message in the most effective manner.

Service Offerings Include:

  • Collaboration and Distribution
  • Campaign Management
  • Attribution
  • Audience Engagement and Personalization
  • Creative Design


Print systems require malware protection, strict access controls and a patching plan to stay protected from viruses and hacking. Ricoh security specialists will create a customized plan for your company, starting with an onsite assessment that helps you understand your security status. Reduce risk, prevent unauthorized access to confidential information and ease the workload of your IT team.

Our detailed analysis results in recommendations for backup, restoration, authentication and compliance.

Service Offerings Include:

  • Security Conformance

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